What is giFT?

giFT is a collection of various software components geared towards improving the overall usability of a multitude of peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. This goal is accomplished by unifying the components such that a user of the software may choose any of the available interfaces to access any of the available networks. The central application, giftd, uses a plugin-based architecture capable of using multiple networks simultaneously through a single user interface.

The giFT project represents the group of software developers responsible for the creation of the core giFT components and the overall system's design. Several third party projects have sprouted up to expand the system as a whole, providing a wider selection of user interfaces and network plugins.

Target Platforms

giFT was developed on GNU/Linux using the C programming language with portability in mind. Unfortunately, most user interfaces were designed only to work on specific platforms, usually due to limitations in the various GUI frameworks that are available. While giftd itself should work on just about any conceivable platform, the following are known to provide robust environments for the system as a whole:

  • Microsoft Windows-based operating systems
  • Mac OS X
  • GNU/Linux
  • BSD-based platforms
  • AmigaOS

Refer to the software section of the page for specifics on the software available for each platform.


giFT supports just about every major feature you'd expect to see in any reasonably sophisticated file-sharing client, however we feel it necessary to brag about specifics anyway:

  • "Swarmed" downloads (the ability to download a single file from multiple peers simultaneously)
  • Access to multiple networks
  • Centralized and scriptable interface
  • Bandwidth throttling (rate limiting, upload queues, etc)
  • Truly pluggable architecture
  • Freely distributed source code
  • Extremely portable