How to contact the staff?

We strongly encourage users and fellow developers from the community to get in touch with the giFT staffers, however we would ask that you carefully choose your forum before posting questions or puzzles for discussion.

Mailing Lists

  • gift-users
    Discussion forum for regular giFT users (simple bug reports are acceptable here). Generally speaking, if you don't know C, aren't planning on making contributions to the project, or do not know how to use gdb (or some other capable debugger), you should probably post here. We will attempt to staff some user-friendly admins willing to help you through some of the more basic giFT problems.
  • gift-devel
    This list is reserved for complex technical discussions specifically about giFT (as opposed to OpenFT). This list also serves as the notification address for tracker changes on the project page and as such can be considered moderately high traffic.
  • gift-openft
    Similar to gift-devel, except that discussion here is related specifically to the OpenFT protocol.
  • gift-gnutella
    This list does not presently exist, but ought to. Bug the developers if you'd like to see it created.
  • Modules

  • Bug Tracker
    Bug management/tracking system provided by You should note that this is not directly read by the core giFT developers, it is instead filtered by some of the less programmatic-inclined staffers. More complex bugs may take a while longer to get noticed by the people who can actually fix them.
  • Patches
    Similar to the bug tracker, but specifically designed to manage user-supplied patches. Make sure you read (can be found in CVS) before submitting patches.
  • Public Forum
    Open discussion forum for the giFT project. This is very rarely frequented by the core developers as most of the posts here appear to be quite miscellaneous. If none of the other contact methods seem appropriate, try this one but keep in mind that your post may go unanswered for very long periods of time
  • Direct Contact

    • Developers
      Each individual developer is listed here and their direct email contact information. You should probably avoid using these if any of the above contact channels seem more appropriate.
    • IRC (
      Last but not least is our somewhat private IRC channel. Please please please please read the above methods before contacting us here. This channel is ONLY used for direct development-oriented communication with the core developers and possibly some of the other staff members. If you are interested in helping with development, just want to idly listen to jasta's insane ramblings, or you have some topic of conversation that is much easier addressed in real-time, you should use this channel. Please, no basic support questions.