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File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
array.h [code]Array subsystem that mimics the flexibility and ease of Perl-style arrays
conf.h [code]Configuration file routines
dataset.h [code]Arbitrary key/data association data structure
event.h [code]Main select event loop
fdbuf.h [code]Buffering subsystem used to guarantee completeness of read buffers using non-blocking interfaces
file.h [code]File/disk routines
giftconfig.h [code]Compile-time libgiFT environment configuration
interface.h [code]Low-level interface protocol manipulation routines
libgift.h [code]Centralized header for all things using libgiFT
list.h [code]Singly linked list routines
list_lock.h [code]
log.h [code]Log debugging, warning and error messages
memory.h [code]Simple wrappers for the C libraries allocation functions
mime.h [code]
network.h [code]Abstracted socket routines
parse.h [code]Standard C library string wrappers and extensions to facilitate string parsing
platform.h [code]Platform specific routines
stopwatch.h [code]Simple portable stopwatch timer implementation
strobj.h [code]Dynamic string manipulation
tcpc.h [code]High-level TCP connection abstraction
tree.h [code]Recursive tree data structure

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