Core Components

The core giFT components are distributed standard with the release tarballs. They are listed here simply for documentation purposes.

  • giftd
    This is the central component for the giFT framework. giftd is responsible for loading and executing network plugins, handling the remote interface protocol, managing searches, file exchanges, and other critical activities that exist above the network protocols themselves. In other words, giftd is the giFT work horse.
  • libgift
    Support and utility library for giftd and giFT network plugins. This library is essentially a grab bag of tools, data structures, and common functionality needed by, and found in, most large C projects. While it is only critical for giftd, it can be a very useful tool to aid in developing user interfaces and other giFT-related utilities. The source is heavily documented with the doxygen tool format.
  • libgiftproto