User Interfaces

GUIs are good. GUIs are great!


  • giFTcurs
    Screenshot: TODO
    Console-based GUI interface using the curses C library. This is by far the coolest, most useful, and "best" giFT client available. It is highly recommended, and officially supported, despite being written by a third party.
  • Apollon
    Screenshot: TODO
    Feature-rich, mature KDE client. It is very intuitive, easy to use, and available in several languages.
  • giFTui
    Screenshot: TODO
    GTK+ 2.4 tab-based interface striving for HIG 2.0 compliance.
  • Mac OS X

  • XFactor
    Screenshot: TODO
    Designed with the beauty of iTunes and distributed with pre-compiled binaries (giFT and plugins). Features include: internal previewing, iTunes integration, Nodes and Ban List updating, download corruption notification; uses very minimal system resources and designed to be a simple no hassle p2p client.
  • Poisoned
    Screenshot: TODO
    Robust Mac OS X client which was featured on TechTV's The Screen Savers as a "Download of the Day" some time around June 2003.
  • Windows

  • KCeasy
    Screenshot: TODO
    Superb Windows client which bundles precompiled binaries of giftd, gift-gnutella, and gift-openft. The interface attempts to mimic KaZaA so that Windows users migrating to giFT will feel immediately comfortable.
  • giFTwin32
    Screenshot: TODO
    Light-weight alternative to KCeasy with a similar look-and-feel.