Network Plugins

This is a little blurb about what a network plugin is, and maybe some explanation as to why there are so few at present.

  • gift-openft
    A network designed exclusively around the giFT framework, loosely based on the main design principles of the FastTrack network. OpenFT offers pretty much all of the major features you'd expect to see from the larger networks (Gnutella, FastTrack, eDonkey, etc), despite maintaining a relatively small and manageable user base. This network plugin was built and maintained by the core giFT developers, and is considered an official component of the giFT project.
  • gift-gnutella
    Gnutella1 plugin officially distributed by the giFT project. More should be written about this plugin later.
  • gift-fasttrack
    Implements the hugely popular FastTrack network used by KaZaA (and formerly Morpheus and Grokster). Please note that this plugin was produced independent of the KaZaA source code and does not necessarily behave the same. In other words, you're accessing the same network that KaZaA is, but in a slightly different way.
  • gift-opennap
    Mostly defunct plugin to access opennap servers (via the Napster protocol).
  • gift-soulseek
    Totally broken mess that needs to be rewritten entirely to be of any use.
  • gift-ares
    A plugin that connects to the Ares network, another FastTrack-like network.
  • gift-donkey
    A work-in-progress plugin being developed as the first giFT 0.12.x plugin. The plugin shows great promise but there is much work to be done to see it through to completion. Interested developers are welcomed and encouraged.